Chill Out @theigloo

Pennygate is all about excellence and quality.  This includes their range of chilled products which are available at amazing prices- such as:

  • Pennygate 2kg back bacon only £5.99
  • Pennygate Eye Silverside 900g only £8.00
  • Pennygate 4 Sirloin Steak 900g only £14.99

Along with….

  • Pennygate Mince Steak 300g
  • Pennygate Veg Roll 300g
  • Pennygate 4 x Burgers 440g
  • Pennygate 5 x Peppered Pork Chops 450g
  • Pennygate 5 x Pork Chops 450g
  • Pennygate Pork Sausages 6 pack 340g
  • Pennygate Cocktail Sausages 340g
  • Pennygate bacon 180g
  • Pennygate Gammon Joint 1.2kg


  • Carrolls Triple Pack Ham 3 x 100g